Hi, my name is Jess and I am the owner of Piper Fox Co.  I currently live in CLT & I am married to my favorite human, Mike. We have two dogs together named, Piper (of course!) & Winston!  I have always had an itch for creativity but didn't pursue anything until 2016 when I started creating signs and designs for fun. The joy and happiness of bringing ideas to life requested by friends & family, pushed me to start my small business, Piper Fox Co. This business brings me so much joy daily that I wanted to expand. My goal with expanding is to create something that gives back AND has meaning. This is where The Kind Line came in...

The kind line is a clothing line that states the obvious - BE KIND. The simplicity of the brand reflects the simplicity of the act. Being kind is a lot easier than we make it and I hope to influence those around us to do it more often and with less thought. The clothing line will be a constant reminder to not only those around you but to you too! Wearing this brand will remind you that being a kind human takes little effort, but changes everything. The moment you feel the kindness, that kindness will fill the world around you and with that, we spread the kind and create the change!

It's going to be great! I can feel it! But for now... enjoy this family photo! I appreciate your support. xoxo


STAY KIND - Jess Mollo


The kind team is a group of wonderful humans who see kind and do kind daily! They not only rep our brand by rocking the clothing, but they rep our brand by being kind humans. Thanks to them, this simple clothing line shines even more beauty. See them around town? Say hi and help us spread the kind... together!

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