Our brand was made in an effort to spread kindness and love to our community. To give to those who need it & spread that kindness like confetti - leaving a trail of it everywhere we go! Piper Fox Co., to me, is more than a brand... it is a GOAL. A MISSION. We want to pay it forward, take part in random acts of kindness and make KIND THE NORM. Join us on our journey & help us create the change for everyone is fighting their own battle & one simple act can change their life.

Piper Fox Co. started as a clothing line based around kindness! Over the years, we created more items such as coffee mugs, hats and all things apparel. Recently, we published our first Children's book, Piper Fox Shows Kindness! We have most of these items year round and focus on spreading kindness through each sale! We even donate back a portion of proceeds monthly to local non-profits to assure your purchase makes a difference!


During holiday seasons, you'll see us push out some collective items that are ALL custom to you! These are something we truly enjoy but they only last for the holiday season so make sure to grab yours while you can! 

"The simplicity of the brand reflects the simplicity of the act. Being kind is a lot easier than we make it." - Piper Fox Co. | The Kind Line
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