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Make kind the norm

Our clothing line is made to donate a portion of proceeds back to local charities. To give to those who need & spread kindness throughout the city. It's more than a brand, more than clothing. It is a GOAL. A MISSION. We want to pay it forward, take part in random acts of kindness and make KIND THE NORM. Join us on our journey & help us create the change for everyone is fighting their own battle & one simple act can change their life.


This year we want to keep up the hard work of making Kind The Norm but we want to go a step further. Take that kindness inside of us and all we learned from 2019 to Rise above in 2020. It's time to Rise Above all the negativity, the bullying, and the outpour of bad that so many of us go through daily. It's a mission that will help you personally AND those around you. Do good, be good, feel good. It's going to be our goal! How can you rise above? How can you do good? How can you be good? What will make us and those around us feel better? Better yourself, believe in yourself and spread that best version to those around you helping them do the same! We've got a whole plan of actions we're going to take in 2020 to help you with this mission. So join us! Let's rise together, sha'll we?

"The simplicity of the brand reflects the simplicity of the act. Being kind is a lot easier than we make it." - Piper Fox Co. | The Kind Line