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Choose Happy

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Happiness is something that is a lot easier to achieve than we make it. The moment you start to appreciate the things you do have, the happier you'll be! Less expectation and more giving.

"Happiness is enjoying the little things in life! For the little things are the most important."

Choose Happy with these 5 steps...

1. Have a Meaning or Purpose

Research shows that happy people live for a purpose and have meaning to their lives – they want to reach a certain goal. Always having a meaning or purpose helps give you something to look forward to and push for. Want to find your meaning or purpose? It's simple. What makes YOU happy? Follow just that.

2. Plant and Grow Relationships

Happiness when shared among people only becomes stronger.

This is why happy people maintain a strong network of friends and relatives. This network allows their happiness to resonate and grow infinitely. Surround yourself with wonderful people, grow your circle & once it grows... appreciate it for all its worth!

3. Control Your Thoughts

Okay Okay... this one is SO hard. I admit. BUT as we sit here on the pursuit of happiness, I want to share this... Happy people have a strong control over their thoughts and mind. They are able to look at bright side, and filter out negative thoughts. This is one of those easier said than done things BUT I am here to tell you - YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH.

4. Learn to Love What You Have

Happy people are content with what they have and only want for what they know they can get. This sense of reality in controlled doses allows these people to feel satisfied and fulfilled. While in reverse unhappy people never seem to have what they want, and they live in a constant torment of wants and needs. Now I'm not saying dont reach for your goal and settle. I'm saying learn to love the GREAT in your life and push to GROW on that little slice of wonderful.

5. Be Thankful

The happiest people who I have ever met have all also been the most thankful. By being grateful one evokes a certain feeling of contentment and calm. This feeling eventually evolves into true, genuine happiness. Be a kind human with a thankful heart. The rest will fall into place

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