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5 Traditions For The Holidays!

There are all kinds of fun things we can do for the holidays that will bring us closer for the holidays. When its comes to the gatherings, the food, the gifts... all of those are great but what really brings us together is a tradition. Something you do every year, no matter what, that is carried on each & every Christmas. Stumped on what fits for YOUR family? Here are 5 ideas to help get you started...

1) Advent Calendar:

Definition: Advent calendars are something you set up for a 24- or 25-days beginning December 1 and ending on Christmas Eve or, sometimes, Christmas Day (totally up to you!)

This is something that a family can do together every single day giving you excitement and joy in EACH day of December. My personal thought is to theme your box - This year, our family is doing a "KIND" Advent Calendar. Each day will have one act of kindness that is directed towards yourself or someone else. It keeps it fresh. It keeps it fun. And it teaches lessons in the process! It's something we can look forward to and do together - I mean after all, these traditions are meant to bring us closer together, right!

DIY Calendars Here

Adult Advent Calendar

Kids Advent Calendar

2) Christmas Movie Night:

In my opinion, Christmas movies NEVER get old and dedicating one night to them makes all the difference! With this one, you could add in cookie making, matching jammies, hot cocoa, etc. Also, you could make it more fun putting a bunch of Christmas Movie names in a hat and drawing the movie you watch that night! See Netflix Movies Here or use the list below for some ideas!

3) The Giving Back Tradition:

We all know that this one has got to be my favorite of all time but a lot of us do not implement it during the holidays. I think we get very wrapped up in decorating, gifts and giving... but to those we know like family and friends! Which DO NOT get me wrong, its the most wonderful time of year with family and friends - and giving to them makes it SO SO special. But this is a great one to start with your family whether you're a family with kiddos, a dating couple, a newly married couple, a married forever couple... I could go on and on! It's something that this time of year feels the soul so much more. Not everyone is as fortunate and theres always someone we can share our love with. So check out this list at some of the ways to give back OR visit your local non-profits to see how you can help this year.

** The most important part of this tradition with kiddos is it teaches them to give back! Whether its a toy, clothing, food... teaching them young and raising them kind is the goal, right?! **

4) Decorate The Christmas Tree:

This one sounds like a "we always do that" tradition but there are so many ways to spice this one up making it so much fun especially with kids!

Couples - No Kiddos: Spend the evening making cookies, decorating the tree, watching a Christmas movie... dedicate an evening with NO phones and NO interruption! Want to remember the evening? Snap a photo and have it printed. Year after Year, snap your pic and reflect back on the year before memories while creating new ones!

Kiddos: Spend the evening doing pretty much all of the above BUT grab smaller trees for the tiny humans. Let them pick their decor of choice! Let it be a super hero they love or hello kitty - whatever it may be, let them decide! Then they will get to keep this tree in their room the entire month of December, giving them something fun to enjoy everyday. Not into the buying a whole tree? How about letting them pick one ONE ornament of their choice, or make one!

See "Decorating The Christmas Tree" may not sound like a crazy fun tradition but there are SO many ways to spice it up making it enjoyable for everyone year after year!


This one has got to be at the top of my list of great traditions to start. It's fun, it's FREE, and it allows you to reflect back on the year before!! So - grab a camera, snap a pic in front of the tree (wear matching Jammies if you want!) and do that EXACT same pose next year! Watch your family grow, watch yourself grow and enjoy this fun/free tradition!

From my family to yours, Happy Holidays!!!



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