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It's Obvious, I'm new here...

Okay friends. This whole blog life is a lot different for me. Sitting here, typing up my feelings and letting you in on all my deep dark secrets is intimidating! So, like that caption states... I AM NEW HERE. The blog world, the owning a business world, clothing line world... It's all new to me! I wake up, I pray I can accomplish my daily goals and hope that the bigger picture comes into play sooner than later. Do I struggle? Of course. Am I terrified to release my line tomorrow? Sure! Here.. Lets talk.

The thought of what I hold on my plate daily scares me to death. Can I get it all done? Will I stick to my plans? Will I fail? All of these live inside my brain on a daily basis but I am here. I am new. I am giving it all I've got. I was raised in a family where my dad was out of the picture, mom worked her butt off (and went back to school at 30, crazy!) and I kind of had to fend for myself. Did I have an amazing family, of course! Did I also have to be VERY independent. Absolutely. So most of the time when I sit back and look at my successes, failures and goals... I thank my family. Without all of the ups and downs, I would be clueless with no life lessons and no drive to give more. I am now 28 years old, married to a wonderful man and guess what... my dad is in my life again :) Time has changed, I have changed and I only fight daily to be better.

The kind line coming out tomorrow is a strong part of who I am for many reasons. First part being, a loving memory of my grandfather, Jim Smith. He was the KINDEST soul I've ever met. Til this day when his name is brought up, people smile from ear to ear remembering him. He always put others first, he never said bad things, wished bad things and would spread kindness just by that big o' smile from across the room. As I grow older, HE is the person I wish to be. My grandfather had a stroke at age 36 and didn't pass until 72. That is 36 years of being paralyzed on his entire right side. Guess what, friends... it didn't change his kindness. He continued to smile, be happy and help out as much as he could... with only ONE working side of his body. If that isn't an act to follow, I don't know what is. So to my grandfather, thank you. YOU are pushing me, to be the kind.

In my life, I try to be kind. A lot of people like to call me a pushover or people pleaser. Let me just stop you there. People who do not want to do nice things, do not do nice things. People who are not kind, do not do kind things. So, you can call me what you want but my heart is set on making others around me happy, spreading kindness to them, speaking kind to them and of them. If you've ever met me, you know I will do anything for anyone and give you the shirt off my back. Starting this line was sparked by my boss, Rich Saner. He had me fill in for him one day delivering Friendship Trays. I sat and talked to some of the people on my stops. It was incredible. You could tell that just those 15 minutes I gave them of my day changed their world. So thanks to Rich, Friendship Trays is now part of my life and a huge push behind this line.

Lastly but not least, I am starting this line and aiming to create a change because it's important to me. The world is a beautiful place and we can make it even better. One small act, one smile, one compliment. We can change lives. Reminding people to be a kind human, a better human... will help. I promise. Just from wearing this brand alone I have felt a spark of joy daily. From becoming a human like my grandfather, Jim to delivering food to those who just need someone. It's all relevant and we together, can do it!

Here's what I hope you take away from my lengthy, wordy blog:

1. Do not let fear, anxiety, worry keep you from going after your dreams. Do I promise it will go as planned? Heck no. But do I promise it'll be worth it? 100%. Like I said... I'm new here & I'm giving it all i've got. Fear, Doubt, worry and all. BRING IT ON.

2. Just because you were raised in a tough situation or feel you are in a tough situation... it doesnt mean you should stop. This toughness should push through your pores as motivation. Motivation to be better, and motivation to rise above it.

3. No matter how your day is going or what hand you've been dealt, deal with it and smile. Your smile will bring another smile which then fills the room with happy vibes. Happy vibes create a happy life.

4. Work daily to be a better human. Period.



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