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Life Hack: Mother's Day 101

Alright y'all, I'm not a mother (yet) but I am well seasoned in the daughter category. Aka... I've got many gifts under my belt and I wanted to share the kindest/easiest ones with YOU! Most of you (I'm guilty of this too) have waited last minute or are balling on a budget (ahem, me too.) SO... Grab one of these 3 things that will save you MONEY but also keep it kind at the same time.

1. Flowers: Yup, you knew it was coming. But the best part about this one is it can be last minute and it can be CHEAP. Listen. Pro tip: never buy a bouquet of flowers already made in a vase from Harris Teeter, etc. EVER. Head to Trader Joes, buy fresh flowers from there where you can create your own little bouquet, then head over to the dollar store and grab a vase. You'll have yourself a stunning arrangement for a quick $6! You're welcome.

**If you want to get all boujee with this one... you can get a flower subscription. IT IS A THING! Head to to check it! **

2. Picture Frame: It's truly that simple. Pick your favorite, most recent, past time with your mom! Did you get married, have a baby, graduate? Is there a photo that she just reeeeally likes the angle and talks about it all the time? Okay then, take one of those photos, print at Walgreens (I use the app - it's quick and SO easy), pop in a frame and give as a gift. A mom can never have enough photos & it's a budget friendly, super thoughtful idea!

3. DIY Pamper Basket: I am the queen of giving baskets because the best part about them is you can throw in a bunch of low cost items in but make the receiver feel like a million bucks! That is the point, right? So. Head to target. Grab a basket in their basket isle. Head to the PJ Section. Grab a robe, grab slippers. Head to the beauty section. Grab a face mask and bubble bath. Throw this in a basket with a card (you better write something real sweet in there) and call it the "Mama's Day Off Kit" - You'll end up spending around $40 but it will make her feel like the queen she is :)

These 3 things are quick. cheap. easy. You can grab them last minute but still let your mama know you love her. Above all else, DO NOT FORGET THE CARD. A mother loves cards. Let her know how much you love her in that card and do not forget the true meaning of this day... a celebration of the #1 lady in your life.



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