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Pop Up Like A Pro!

Alright friends... So I've only got three (yes THREE) pop ups under my belt but with each pop up I learned a couple things I want to share with you! Before I do though, let me just tell you that pop ups are the way to go. You get your product in front of a larger crowd, you market your brand by the way your table is setup and you get your name out there to those who didn't even know you existed! The more you can do those three things the likely you are to succeed! Now don't get a girl wrong... it takes time. It takes patience. And it takes the humble moments at your lowest low to set back and say "okay, I've got this. I'm going to work hard, and not give up because I want this! It makes me happy!" The one thing that pushes you out of your comfort zone quickest is taking your product and putting it in front of people so here we are to talk pop ups! A couple things:

1) When choosing where you pop up, choose wisely. What fits your brand? Who fits your brand? What does your brand mean to you? What will it mean to others? Choosing where you pop up is the MOST IMPORTANT PART. For me, I own a clothing company so you won't see me popped up at a tire store but you WILL see me popped up at a gym, market, etc. A place where I can meet new faces that are looking for tanks and tees... not tires. So my #1 advice is to choose your pop up location wisely and stay branded. Always.

2) Come Prepared! Bouncing back to #1... are you popping up at a gym? Well, in my case... I bring water bottles, workout tanks, etc. Things that fit THAT location. THAT crowd! I bring minimum one size of each and a sign up sheet for any request I may get that day! Come prepared with something to give for free. If its a koozie, great. A sticker, wonderful. A bottle of water, lovely. Whatever you do, let them leave with SOMETHING that has your name on it. We want to get our name out in front of them to stay and live on their radar!

3) Get Sleep Before Your Pop Up! Okay so this one sounds silly... I KNOW. But if you're not pumped up, excited and awake... why would anyone else be? It's important to come wide away and excited about the day. Let each person know why you love what you do. Introduce yourself. Help them find the perfect item for them. Make a connection. Ask them to follow your social media or join your emailing list. Become their friend! Be authentically you... the happy (& well reseted) boss babe I know you are!

4) Bring A Sign Up Sheet! This is HUGE. You want to lock in this audience long term and the only way to really do that is to lock them in to a emailer or social media. These days, it's easier to get an email than a follow. Am I Right? So! Bring a sheet that allows them to sign up... maybe even put a column for their social handle so YOU can give them a follow letting them know you're thinking about them! Either way, bring that sign up sheet & put them on your mailing list - I'm a sucker for a good email that brightens my day. Aren't you?

5) Plan Ahead! Okay so this is the last and most important. Never just throw some things together and show up. You need to plan everything! Plan your table setup (what do people want to see, what looks like my brand, whats something unique I can add to stand out?). Plan your item display (will I put everything on the rack, will some things go on the table, what will fit this crowd?). Pack everything up the night before and make sure that the car is locked and loaded for the next day. You want to arrive at your pop up minimum 30 minutes early to properly setup and make sure you're ready to roll with the crowds come.

This is just my two cents from the few pop ups I've had. Am I a pro? Nope. But this list will help you pop up with confidence and check some boxes leading you to a happy outcome. Next pop up you do, use this list. And y'all.... don't stress, every business takes TIME, EFFORT and FAITH. You've got this!

xoxo Jess Mollo

Instagram: @PiperFoxCo

Facebook: @PiperFoxCo

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