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The Cotton Year!

I normally write about my business, The Kind Line or inspirations, but today I decided to share with you my second year anniversary gift to my husband! I got creative with this one as it's our second (cotton) year & there aren't many 100% cotton thoughtful gifts... AM I RIGHT? Sharing this may help you plan for your year two or share with a friend.

For my Cotton Year gift I decided to make a gift basket (y'all know I am the queen of a gift basket... its my thing!) In this basket, I did 100% cotton jogger pjs, cotton socks, a 100% cotton card and my vows... ON COTTON PAPER! Yup, I didnt know that existed either. So here I am sharing with you! I wanted my gift to be simple but meaningful. Something to make him feel like these last two years have meant the world to me... because they have! So here's a peak at the basket...

I took small black banner cards gluing each letter of "COTTON" to them. And on the reverse side... I came up with a word for example "C" to mean stood out as "Caught Off Guard" and with that I wrote out a feeling/fact about our love!

Inside the basket, I chose to write my vows on cotton paper. I wrote out the vows and rolled them up nicely tying a piece of thread around it making the presentation special! Next I added in all of the other goodies: Pjs, Socks, and Cotton Card.

I think the socks were the best part... He put them and the jogger pjs on instantly! You guys, what I'm getting at is he loved it! He may or may not have shedded a tear too but that's a secret I will never tell ;-) So!! When you celebrate year two, throw some cotton in a basket with some other cotton fun - it's for sure to be a winner. Links Below...

Michaels: Black Banner Cards, Basket, Thread, Faux Cotton Plant Sticks

J Crew: 100% Cotton Jogger PJ's

Etsy: Socks

Paper Source: 100% Cotton Card and Paper

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