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We Did a Thing Today!

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

Today I got together with an amazing group of humans & we took photos. It was a great day!

Today I gathered a couple beautiful souls and shot pictures of The Kind Line. I'll be honest, the line has a beautiful meaning but it's a pretty straight forward brand. No fancy strings, just simple. Once you took my simple line and threw it on these BEAUTIFUL BEINGS... it was a game changer. We shot holding donuts (pictured), we ate ice cream... we did all of the things and it was lovely. My good friend, Emily was our photograher. I can go ahead and tell you.. if you have a photographer that puts off warm fuzzy vibes, it's going to be a good shoot. Em nails it every time - go check her out:

My take away from this day?

1. Start your Monday off by getting together with souls that lift you up. It sets the tone for the week.

2. Even the most simple shirt becomes beautiful on a kind human

3. Do not try to eat donuts that are 3 days old, you'll break a tooth

4. EAT JENNI'S ICE CREAM IN SOUTHEND, CLT. You'll thank me later.

5. Even last minute, kind people do kind things. Seeing these people pull together last minute for this line just gave me all the more meaning and love for it. Thank you thank you thank you friends!

Man I can't wait to launch this line on April 1st. It's going to be a good day & I cannot wait to bring kindness to everyone in my path.


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